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Practice Centre

The practice centre is a group of mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines providing guidance to one self to remind people of the awaken nature inside of them. As humanity we struggle to express ourselves because of what society may think and the conditioning that we have been subjective too over generations.

The practice centre provides a space for you to connect with who you are and to bring yourself back home (your body). My body is the home of the mind. We are all seekers of life, trying to understand why are we here and what is our purpose. This journey that we seek to explore starts with self- awareness of our internal and external environment.

"Silence isn't empty, it's full of awareness"​. Mindfulness is an energy of awareness to be cultivated in our daily life. Mindfulness is the energy that allows us to be in touch in the present moment. To be in the present moment we must allow our mind and body to come together for it to unite. To be fully present is to come out of our mind and into our body.


Having full acceptance of what I am, how I am and where I am. Self-compassion is a door that leads us to full self-acceptance and arriving home, the ones body and mind.






“This programme is dedicated to all the remarkable people who have allowed me to “see” their magic, “read” their stories and “now” draw their maps”


I am an ordinary woman that as been healed from my wounds and is now aware of Who I am. The chapters of my life lead me to clarity and awareness internal and external of myself.


Being in Corporate for 22yrs, an Entrepreneur and finding my Spirituality has enabled me to believe that we are able to heal ourselves and it all starts with self awareness.

I am the Locksmith of Awareness. I have the keys to unravel and to open ones awareness. I unlock and unravel your awareness so that you can find who you are. I help others to help themselves.



Image by Matese Fields

Njabulo Simelane
Student (grade 10)

Ms Naidoo's sessions are amazing. I always feel much more relaxed after every meditation session and I always feel much happier and much more positive.  She always motivated ,e to take better care of myself and I remember in my first session she shared so many valuable life lessons that I will always keep with me.

Image by Avel Chuklanov

Renette Carstens
Financial Accountant

I just want to thank you for the session that I attend, Practice of Awareness, you have helped me so much. I see things differently and you are helping me to apply it in my daily life. I see my relationship better and  understanding what I need to do. I am starting to address the situation with the people in my life. I am so glad that you have crossed my paths and before the workshop I was always afraid to say exactly what bothers me and what I am unhappy with when it comes to my relationships. You have change my life and for that I will always be grateful.


Soul Mapper

I decided to attend the Soul Mapping Retreat not knowing what to expect. I had never done such a workshop and had no idea how it would influence or change me. Having said that, I was shocked at how much I, a skeptic, would eventually discover. I soon realised that this journey I had embarked upon was as much about self discovery as it was about finding my own way in this world. Through this process I became aware of myself, my perceptions, my filters, my fears, my darkness and my light. This opened up my inner landscape for the first time and allowed me to understand where I had come from, where I was at the moment and where I wanted to go. I was empowered to take the first step in my real journey with a very clear map to light the way. This retreat was planned and facilitated with so much care that I never felt unsafe or exposed even when I discovered my authentic self. I left feeling exhausted but alive and much more aware of who I am and why I am. I know that what I discovered will help me to make more informed decisions but more importantly it will give me the control I have falsely thought I had all along. This retreat is for anyone who is searching for understanding of self, who is stuck in a toxic cycle, or anyone who is just looking for a way to find themselves. I highly recommend this retreat and Sheshnee Naidoo as your compassionately honest guide.

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