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Practice of Awareness

Self-awareness is our ability to observe and identify our thoughts, feelings and impulses, and determine whether they are grounded in reality or not.

What does it mean to practice awareness?

Well, if I must be authentic, I myself found being fascinated with just trying to identify with what does it mean to be aware. Sounds simple, easy and understandable, not… when you have been in my world for the last 21yrs of being in multiple global organisations, being aware was not something that one had time for or either considered.

Through my own story and discovery of what I lost, practicing awareness brought clarity, authenticity, truth and self-beliefs that I wouldn't have discovered if not learning of it meant to practice awareness is one’s life.

Practicing Awareness means it’s a state of being conscious of one’s self and one’s surroundings. A state of being conscious and aware of one's awareness is called self-awareness and is considered a higher form of awareness. The science of biological psychology defines awareness as perception and cognitive response to a situation or circumstance. The importance of awareness is in the ability to control the mind. The senses, perception, sight and thoughts become clearer. 


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