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Just Be

Sound - Healing - Energy - Consciousness - Story

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A tapestry woven with countless experiences

Conscious awareness

Allows you to self correct

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Founder of JustBe Studios

Hello, I'm Sheshnee
Welcome to JustBe Studios

Who am I - a traveler,  researcher, teacher and a storyteller.

My love for wisdom has grown me into creating a tapestry of woven threads leading me to life beyond what we can image.  Travelling has enriched me to a better understanding of my beliefs and values that is created, it's a choice.  

A person without self-expression is a person without personal freedom. 

See what my clients have to say

"Ms Naidoo's sessions are amazing. I always feel much more relaxed after every meditation session and I always feel much happier and much more positive.  She always motivated me to take better care of myself and I remember in my first session she shared so many valuable life lessons that I will always keep with me."

Njabulo Simelane - Student (grade 10)

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